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Prof. Eline van der Beek

Eline van der Beek studied Zoology in Utrecht and completed a PhD in Neuroendocrinology in 1994. She was an A/Prof at the Animal Sciences Department, Wageningen University, before joining Numico Research in 2000. In 2007, she became Program Director responsible for metabolic programming research.From August 2010-July 2015 she was Research Director of Danone-Nutricia Early Life Nutrition in Singapore, the first center in Asia to focus on maternal and child health, understanding the impact of nutrition on growth and the relation to immune, gut (microbiota), brain & metabolism development in early life.

In August 2015 she returned to R&D headquarters in the Netherlands were she is now heading the Metabolism & Growth Platform in the Life Science Innovations Department of Early Life Nutrition. Since June 2016 she has been appointed as Professor in ‘Nutritional Programming’ on an endowed chair at the Department of Pediatrics, University Medical Centre Groningen, NL. She continues to study nutritional programming of later life health, understanding the role of nutrition, in particular nutrient quality and specific needs during different stages of development. Eline is a (co)inventor >25 patent applications and has published >80 articles in peer reviewed journals.

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