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When whole protein feeds are not tolerated – Follow up podcast


The content of this podcast is for Healthcare Professionals only

This podcast follows up a successful webinar we hosted with the same title. The objective of the webinar was focusing on the nutritional management of children with GI intolerance and included scientific information and practical advicecovering the following topics:

  • Microbiota-gut-brain axis & normal biological responses of feeding
  • Enteral feeding – What are the indications as well as the factors need to be considered regarding the route and the type of feed?
  • Specialized feeds – What is the need for extensively hydrolyzed (eHF) and amino acid formulas(AAF) to support absorption in conditions outside of allergy?

This follow-up podcast addresses different questions that we were unable to cover during the webinar session, see below for themes and timings:

Theme – Starting time

        1. Use of eHF vs AAF in cow’s milk allergy (CMA) –  2:14
        2. Use of eHF vs AAF in tube feeding 3:15
        3. Blended diet 4:48
        4. Nutritional assessment in stunting 9:52
        5. Antibiotic related diarrhea (ARD) – 11:47
        6.  Nutritional assessment during Covid-19 15:06
        7. Role of pre & probiotics in tube feeding 18:14
        8. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI)22:16
        9. Bowel resection & gut brain axis (GBA) – 29:46
        10. Impact of flavor to the gut function – 31:29
        11. Tube feed administration 34:05
        12. Role of oral/smell priming in tube feeding 38:01
        13. Way of feed administration 40:51
        14. Anorexia nervosa (AN) 43:08

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